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TV Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle

The two lovers, Hazem and Hana, decide to have their baby in America to get the nationality. However, ...

2021 Play
TV Tracer


Members of the NTS track down the traces of shameless and corrupt money.

2022 Play
Τα Μυστικά Της Εδέμ

Τα Μυστικά Της Εδέμ

One summer six teens at a camp by the sea shout out loud their wishes at the night of the falling stars.....

TV The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty?

The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty?

The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty? is a ZEE5 Original series starring Arunoday Singh, Shiv Panditt, ...

2020 Play
TV Kiss Me First

Kiss Me First

To escape reality 17-year-old Leila turns to a secret virtual paradise. Her real journey begins when this ...

2018 Play
TV exception


In a distant future where humans are forced to leave Earth, a spacecraft carrying a 3D-printed crew of ...

2022 Play
TV Vadhandhi


Vivek, a diligent cop, takes charge of the investigation of the murder of a beautiful young girl, ...

2022 Play
TV Miss S

Miss S

Set in the Shanghai Bund in the 1940s, it revolves around a female detective who solve multiple cases.

2020 Play
TV Being a Hero

Being a Hero

Five years ago, Wu Gang was killed by a drug trafficking organization named "K", and his son Wu Zhen Feng ...

2022 Play
TV Team Batista no Eikō

Team Batista no Eikō

There exists a legendary team of surgical experts in Tojo University Hospital that specializes in the ...

2008 Play
TV Cheat On Me, If You Can

Cheat On Me, If You Can

Kang Yeo-joo is a best-selling writer. She only writes crime stories, dealing with cruel murder cases. ...

2020 Play
TV La nieta elegida

La nieta elegida

2021 Play
TV Unfinished Love Circle

Unfinished Love Circle

A young and Idealist journalist Ozan loses his life in an unfortunate traffic accident. But not ...

2020 Play
TV L’allieva


Alice is a clumsy and passionate coroner resident. She fights between life and love complexities. Even ...

2016 Play
TV The Killer Bride

The Killer Bride

Las Espadas is a superstitious town that has been haunted by the ghost of The Killer Bride for years. ...

2019 Play
TV The Untamed: Special Edition

The Untamed: Special Edition

"The Untamed Special Edition" is a 20-episode cut of The Untamed specially made to overseas fans for ...

2019 Play
TV The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is a series of five films produced by Lenfilm for the ...

1980 Play
TV Année zéro

Année zéro

2023 Play
TV Autopsy: The Last Hours of…

Autopsy: The Last Hours of…

Revealing the truth behind the controversial deaths of some of the most famous celebrities. Crucial ...

2014 Play
TV Chinese Mystery Man

Chinese Mystery Man

2014 Play
TV A Seven-Faced Man

A Seven-Faced Man

Bai Xin Xin is a first-year medical intern who crosses paths with Shen Yi Zhen, a man from a wealthy ...

2017 Play
TV Childe Xie’s Wine

Childe Xie’s Wine

A girl from the present drops from the sky to the ancient times and becomes a magnificent beauty. She ...

2022 Play
TV Pett Kata Shaw

Pett Kata Shaw

'Pett Kata Shaw' is the modern revival of the mysterious and lurid plots of traditional folk tales told ...

2022 Play
TV 18if


Haruto Tsukishiro wakes up in a dream world dominated by strange and powerful entities called Witches. To ...

2017 Play